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Sunset Surrender

Sunset Surrender - Charlene Sands Charlene Sands always writes with deep emotion and Sunset Surrender was no exception.


Hummingbird - LaVyrle Spencer Favorite book ever.

Twice Loved

Twice Loved - Lavyrle Spencer One of my favorite books of all time. Rye Dalton is my favorite hero ever.

Snowflakes and Stetsons

Snowflakes and Stetsons - Cheryl St.John, Jillian Hart, Carol Finch Watch for my novella in October!

Blown Away (Storm Front)

Blown Away (Storm Front) - Sharon Sala I love nearly everything Sharon Sala writes, and this was no exception. Excellent story with engaging characters.

The Bounty Hunter's Bride

The Bounty Hunter's Bride - Victoria Bylin After Of Men and Angels, I knew this author wouldn't disappoint me.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dani and Beau's story. The author took a few turns that surprised me, and as a writer that's always a plus. I like it when the story heads a direction I didn't expect.

Victoria writes about children well, a skill in itself. I felt as though I knew the secondary characters, too, especially Josh and Adie.

I liked that the tale was a little gritty, because the details made the setting and characters realistic in a time period I love.

The Wives of Bowie Stone

The Wives of Bowie Stone - Maggie Osborne Loved loved loved this story. I need to read it again!